Campos De Sepharad Family History

Spanish Cowboys
Spanish Cowboy History

Alejandro Campos Redondo was born in Malaga Spain in 1727  he was a Sephardic  Jew and immigrated to the Ciudad de Mexico capital of Nueva Espana. From Mexico our family journey began to Nuevo Mexico Willard, Pueblo de Valencia and Santa Fe  where our family contributed 300 years of tradition and culture. The definition of Hispanic derives from the word Historical Spanish De Sepharad / Spain and along the journey the Campos men married Natives and our Spanish blood was mixed with the  pueblo Indians of New Mexico and Mexico.  Our family contributed a great deal to the land of enchantment, the Campos family owned many ranches with hogs, cattle, and sheep. The ranch lands that were inhabited by the Campos family in New Mexico were a gift to them from King Charles I of Spain when our ancestors conquered the new world. My kids and familia are Indios Hispanos, Chicanos, songre de Indio true mestizo,Castizo.  Viva Los Campos


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