Backyard Grillerz custom Matanza/ Pig Fry BBQ, NM style

Our Mission as a Non-profit is to educate  through community education with cultural history.

The Indio Hispano culture or “Spanish speaking Native Americans” located in New Mexico are a unique non documented tribal culture and Indigenous to the central region of New Mexico in Valencia. New Mexican history has documentation that dates back to 1540 when Francisco Vasquez de Coronado conquered and collided with the Native Indigenous peoples of New Mexico and integrated Spanish/ Sephardic culture and language, thus forming the Non- Documented Indio Hispano raise. Back Yard Grillerz focuses on the preservation of culture and heritage as well as informing the younger generation about the importance to learn and participate in our History, agriculture, farming, ranching, and the Indio Hispano method of preparing hogs. Our heritage can only be passed down through second hand information as it is part of our spiritual birth right and rite of passage as Spanish/Sephardic Native Americans. We also share our culture with non-Indio Hispanos in community events known as La Matanza a feast held once a year to celebrate with family, friends and  also to give thanks to God a cultural event that is more than 400 years old and still practiced today only in New Mexico.



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