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Chef Martin Lopez approved

Celebrity Chef Martin Lopez has his hands on a new seasoning from Back Yard Grillerz, what could be going on? Oh well ether way this seasoning form Back Yard Grillerz is not yet available to consumers but it has already been branded and is soon to be released.  Keep your eyes open for this seasoning that is already captivating the celebrity chef world and the is gaining notoriety in the national spotlight of cooking.



Back Yard Grillerz at the World’s Largest Matanza

Check out who stop by to visit with Back Yard Grillerz at the World’s Largest Matanza? Elias Gallegos from the New Mexico CW my 50 tv. Back Yard Grillerz as seen on National TV. Cooking Channel.

B.Y.G gets a visit from Elias Gallegos.
B.Y.G gets a visit from Elias Gallegos.

Back Yard Grillerz

We had a great time competing in the World’s Largest Matanza in Sunny Valencia New Mexico, Here’s to 300 years of Indio Hispano tradition. VIVA LA Matanza

BYG Nation
BYG Nation
All wood cooking
All wood cooking
Back Yard Grillerz cooking Carnitas
Back Yard Grillerz cooking Carnitas at the World’s Largest Matanza 2015

15th Annual World’s Largest Matanza, Valencia New Mexico

The World’s Largest Matanza, Back Yard Grillerz Nationally known, locally grown as seen on the Cooking Channel.

Hello All it’s that time of year again. This marks 15 years for Back Yard Grillerz and the Valencia County Hispano Chamber of commerce’s “World’s Largest Matanza” come and join the Nationally known Back Yard Grillerz and team Sisneros Bro’s Manufacturing  Saturday January 24, 2015. Gates will open at Eagle Park in Belen New Mexico at 7 a.m. and close after the awards ceremony (usually about 3 p.m.). Admission is $10 (kids five and under $1). VIVA LA MATANZA

New Mexico Mud &Steel

Back Yard Grillerz will be on the New Mexico Mud & Steel episode on the Cooking Channel July 15, 2014 at 8pm EST please tune in and thank you for supporting Back Yard Grillerz.

The Largest Matanza (Pig Fry) in the world 1/25/14

January 25, 2014 is the official day that the Largest Matanza (Pig Fry) in the world will be held. Backyard Grillerz will be one of 20 teams competing for the coveted title of Matanzero or EL JEFE. It is an honor to get picked for this competition because only the best of the best Matanzero’s are chosen to compete. These teams bring many years of experience and expertise as well as their styles of grilling up hogs these methods are well over 300 years old, recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. Come down and help support the conservation of our Indio Hispano culture and La Matanza.