Disc-IT the World class Disco


Our friends at Disc-It have innovated the centuries old tradition of cooking with a plow disc. This Matanza disco is high tech and stylish when your cooking up your carnitas, chicharones or carne adovada. click on their link below and get a peak at your new disco.  Disc-IT has 100’s of styles to choose from 100% custom and personalized.

After nearly a decade in production in the world of outdoor grills, the DISC-IT grill is quickly becoming THE grill of choice for families, chefs and caterers. With thousands of units across the USA, Canada and even around the world, The DISC-IT grill is a favorite for cooking any type of food.

Built from heavy 3/16” PLATE Steel, the DISC-IT is a fully customized product where customers choose from hundreds of available designs or request a design specific to their dreams. The handles of the cooking disc and also customizable to include a name or a logo and the base plate of the DISC-IT is also customizable to include names, logos, brands or what ever you can dream up!


Back Yard Grillerz at the World’s Largest Matanza

Check out who stop by to visit with Back Yard Grillerz at the World’s Largest Matanza? Elias Gallegos from the New Mexico CW my 50 tv. Back Yard Grillerz as seen on National TV. Cooking Channel.

B.Y.G gets a visit from Elias Gallegos.

B.Y.G gets a visit from Elias Gallegos.

Back Yard Grillerz

We had a great time competing in the World’s Largest Matanza in Sunny Valencia New Mexico, Here’s to 300 years of Indio Hispano tradition. VIVA LA Matanza

BYG Nation

BYG Nation

All wood cooking

All wood cooking

Back Yard Grillerz cooking Carnitas

Back Yard Grillerz cooking Carnitas at the World’s Largest Matanza 2015

15th Annual World’s Largest Matanza, Valencia New Mexico


The World’s Largest Matanza, Back Yard Grillerz Nationally known, locally grown as seen on the Cooking Channel.

Hello All it’s that time of year again. This marks 15 years for Back Yard Grillerz and the Valencia County Hispano Chamber of commerce’s “World’s Largest Matanza” come and join the Nationally known Back Yard Grillerz and team Sisneros Bro’s Manufacturing  Saturday January 24, 2015. Gates will open at Eagle Park in Belen New Mexico at 7 a.m. and close after the awards ceremony (usually about 3 p.m.). Admission is $10 (kids five and under $1). VIVA LA MATANZA

Back Yard Grillerz Officially a Non- Profit

Back Yard Grillerz is now a non-profit organization working to help preserve the Indio Hispano culture. BYG’s goal is to help keep the the tradition of ”La Matanza going for future generations to enjoy and to have knowledge of their grass roots as New Mexicans and Spanish speaking Native Americans. We feel that it’s very important to educate younger individuals about their culture with history and family tradition. We are about helping people of our community understand their identity because we feel in order for a community to come together and thrive we must be a community with an identity as Americans with sub cultures VIVA La Matanza y los Indios Hispanos.

Back Yard Grillerz is ranked as 1 of NM’s Best

It was a great honor to have competed among the best teams not only in New Mexico but in the nation. We are very thankful to God first and to all the teams we competed against. We will see you next year and we will be a force yet to be reckoned with. We may have been the new team on the block but we left champions on January 25, 2014 at The Worlds Largest Matanza it was the 14th annual Valencia County Hispano Chamber of Commerce’s annual event, this event is to help raise money for college scholarships to help students who are attending the UNM- Valencia campus located in Valencia county state of New Mexico. We have a video that was filmed to share the experience of ”La Matanza” for those not familiar with New Mexico’s Indio Hispano Culture.

Cutting Chicharones

EL JEFE de Back Yard Grillerz Cutting Chicharones at the World’s Largest Matanza 2014


Jordan at the World’s Largest Matanza 2014


Back Yard Grillerz Cooking Carne Adovada at the World’s Largest Matanza 2014

El Jefe cooking carne adovada at the World's Largest Matanza

El Jefe cooking carne adovada at the World’s Largest Matanza