Disc-IT the World class Disco


Our friends at Disc-It have innovated the centuries old tradition of cooking with a plow disc. This Matanza disco is high tech and stylish when your cooking up your carnitas, chicharones or carne adovada. click on their link below and get a peak at your new disco.  Disc-IT has 100’s of styles to choose from 100% custom and personalized.

After nearly a decade in production in the world of outdoor grills, the DISC-IT grill is quickly becoming THE grill of choice for families, chefs and caterers. With thousands of units across the USA, Canada and even around the world, The DISC-IT grill is a favorite for cooking any type of food.

Built from heavy 3/16” PLATE Steel, the DISC-IT is a fully customized product where customers choose from hundreds of available designs or request a design specific to their dreams. The handles of the cooking disc and also customizable to include a name or a logo and the base plate of the DISC-IT is also customizable to include names, logos, brands or what ever you can dream up!