Valencia 14th annual Matanza

The Valencia County Hispano Chamber of Commerce has mailed out team registrations for their 14th annual Matanza that will be held January 25, 2014 at Eagle Park in Belen New Mexico. The money raised from the Matanza is used for scholarships that are given out to students who are attending college. This is the largest Matanza in the world; last year over 25 teams competed and 15,000 in attendance, it’s anticipated that there will be more individuals attending this years Matanza as the popularity and curiosity for La Matanza grows.

New Mexico is very rich with culture and tradition so the annual Hispano Matanza makes for a great competitive atmosphere and a chance for Los Indios Hispanos to show the colors of their ancestor’s innovative zeal and individualities’ painted with 300 years of heritage and pride within their hearts as they embark on a cultural journey that embraces both the European Spanish conquest and the strength of their Native American spirits.

Please join the movement and support the preservation of New Mexican culture by attending the 14th annual Valencia Hispano Chamber of Commerce Matanza, the Largest Matanza in the World. Help make a difference in our community by unity.


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