New Mexican tradition, culture, and history

The founders of Backyard Grillerz and Sniped Hunting would like to share their culture and help inform the individuals who are not familiar with New Mexican tradition. New Mexican Bar-B-Q or, La Matanza is a unique style of butchering pigs and wild game that has been traced back 300 years ago when the Spanish Conquistadors invaded the Native peoples of New Mexico and showed the Natives how to raise and butcher hogs.  We feel a need to help people understand our culture as Indios Hispanos (Spanish Speaking Native Americans)  and  believe that preserving  our culture and heritage is very important to our family, friends, and those how want to share our culture.


6 thoughts on “New Mexican tradition, culture, and history”

  1. I am very interested in seeing how you go about expressing your culture. I have a deep respect for what you are doing and I cannot wait to see where it leads.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to post a comment. We are going to focus on more than just La Matanza and it’s culture because New Mexico has such a diverse culture and there are many nationalities that have adapted to New Mexico’s culture, We want to explore the subculture BBQ’s that incorporate the foods of New Mexico. Got chili

  2. This topic sparked my interest because its important to keep the culture alive. Rites of passage such as the yearly cleaning of the acequias and matanzas are what keep our family together. I look forward to reading about your topic here as well as posts similar to elk tacos!

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